Best Internet Service Providers In 2023: Top US-Based ISPs’ List With An Unbiased Comparison

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Imagine a Fulfilling life without a good internet would be the biggest crime in the world. And, in American households, the internet would be on the top when it comes to basic needs. That’s because of the US Census Bureau, claiming 80% of American homes have a fast internet connection. 

In 2023, the number is moving towards a high-speed internet plan. Since it is a pandemic (COVID-19) time, high-speed internet is everyone’s requirement. However, there is no doubt that most ISPs are not up to the mark and struggle to provide good internet service. You guessed it right; I was talking about users’ satisfaction. 

According to the ACSI (Customer Satisfaction Index), talking about ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in America, as a total, didn’t get a good customer satisfaction score of more than 65 out of 100. However, it is still a better score compared to other countries. Moreover, their new report claims that a few ISPs are improving each year while keeping their customers happy. 

Therefore, finding the best internet service provider among the rest has become more challenging these days. However, these companies can’t keep every location’s customers happy and are considered slow compared to other prime locations; finding out the best one according to the areas might not be that tough, at least in 2023. 

Having different internet service providers tested, I’ve prepared the list of top America’s ISPs. These companies are above average and widely available. 

Note: The following list is a result of hundreds of different companies’ analyses which I get after comparing their prices, speeds, plans, reliability, billing, and reviews found on the various platforms. 

Here are the five best internet service providers of 2023

Let’s dive into these ISPs one by one and figure out which one offers what, in terms of connection type, monthly cost, download speed, and bundles. 

Let’s start from the top. 

1. Review: the Xfinity Internet Service Provider


  1. Minimum download speeds up to 150Mbps
  2. Maximum download speeds up to 2,000Mbps
  3. Cable Connection type
  4. It bundles internet, phone, home security, and TV
  5. The lowest Internet speed plan starts at 29.99 per month


Xfinity offers two types of connections: a cable type and a fiber type. Since it has acquired by Comcast, the company continues to gain popularity and become the top ISP in the US. Now, Xfinity offers two fiber and six cable internet plans. 

Its lowest internet speed plan costs 29.99 per month for a cable connection, where you get around 15Mbps download speeds and 2Mbps upload speeds. And, for its highest plan, you pay 69.99 per month; it achieves 600mbps download speeds while 20Mbps upload. Unfortunately, none of the plans are unlimited; it limits to 1TB of data. Additionally, you get a nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots network and free security software. 

Its fiber internet plan ensures the maximum speeds of up to 2Gbps for $299 per month, depending on the areas. You also get discounts occasionally from the company. Moreover, you can save money if you self-install and take responsibility for other things, such as paperless billing, service agreements, and Autopay. 

Pros & Cons: Xfinity Fiber Vs. Xfinity Cable

Xfinity Fiber

What I like:
  • Future-proof connection 
  • Fast download and upload speeds
What I don’t:
  • Expensive compared to cable internet 

Xfinity Cable Internet 

What I like:
  • Affordable
  • Its availability
What I don’t:
  • Download & Upload speeds 

Who’s it for? Xfinity ISP

It is for everyone and more suitable for most families. When it comes to gaming, this is the ticket. For the price, It offers promises the fastest speed if available. However, if you don’t want to sign a contract and want fast upload speeds, I don’t recommend it. It is not Xfinity’s fault for not providing you the fastest upload speeds but the type of connection. 

2. Review: Verizon Internet Service Provider


  1. Internet plan starts at $39.99 per month
  2. Download speeds (200Mbps ~ 940Mbps)
  3. Fiber type connection
  4. It bundles Internet, phone, and TV


The second big bull on the market is Verizon Fios. It deserves the second position on the list because of various reasons. The Verizon Fios wins everyone’s heart when performance and reliability is concerned. However, there is no cable-type connection because of its upload speed issues. So Verizon fiber internet plans range from 200Mbps to 940Mbps without any monthly data limit. 

The only thing where Verizon lacks is its availability. It is limited to selected locations. If your area doesn’t have fiber, then there must be high-speed DSL internet, as DSL connection widely available in most areas. If so, you can choose from Verizon DSL plans starting at $69.99. 

Pros & Cons: Verizon DSL Vs. Verizon Fiber Internet

Verizon DSL

What I like:
  • Its availability
  • No contract to sign
What I don’t:
  • Its slow speeds

Verizon Fiber Internet

What I like:
  • Faster download and upload speeds
  • A range of plans to choose
  • No need to sign any contract
What I don’t:
  • Not available in most areasDownload & Upload speeds 

Who’s it for? Verizon ISP

I recommend Verizon for households, gamers, people who love streaming services and work from home, provided you have $40 per month to spend. However, I don’t recommend it for individuals and people with a tight budget.


3. Review: The AT&T Internet Service Provider


  1. Minimum monthly cost $35
  2. Download speeds from 0.8Mbps to 940Mbps
  3. Fiber connection type
  4. It bundles Internet & TV


AT&T Internet deserves third place on my list of top US ISPs of 2023. Like Xfinity and Verizon Fios, it doesn’t offer any cable-type internet connection. Instead, it has chosen a fiber optic connection type for all users. With three fiber optic internet plans, it delivers the maximum fastest speeds of up to 940Mbps. Compared to the above two, it’s the fastest and widely available, around 21 states in the US. 

However, it requires you to sign a contract, depending on your plan. It’s the only way you can subscribe to the service and in order to take benefit of their internet plans. Though, AT&T does offer no-contract plans, occasionally. 

Pros & Cons:

What I like:

  • Download speeds & Upload speeds
  • Affordable for the services
  • Availablity to most US states

What I don’t:

  • It has a contract to sign

Who’s it for? The AT&T Internet 

The AT&T internet will be good for those looking for a fiber-optic-type internet connection. So It is well-suited to gamers and households. Also, business owners work from home. 

Note: Check out Compatible & Approved Routers Of these ISPs

Guide: How to pick the best Internet Service Provider for your budget

When it comes to picking the best one, you’ll have to consider some of the important factors, such as speeds, reliability, billing, and of course, cost. Furthermore, your desired internet service provider must be good at providing good customer service. For that, you can read reviews of that ISP and ask your friends and relatives if they have subscribed to the same. 

The following factors to consider before you subscribe to a new internet provider. 

Cost: The cost of the internet should be under your budget

The cost of an internet plan varies from an ISP to ISP. Also, types of internet connections, such as cable, fiber, satellite, and DSL internet. DSL is a slower type of internet connection compared to fiber and cable. Therefore, DSL internet plans are cheaper and limited to rural communities. The cheapest DSL plan may cost you around $10 a month, depending on the ISP. 

On the other hand, if you subscribe to an ISP that provides an ultra-fast gigabit connection may cost around $100 a month. So take the cost factor into account before jumping upon any ISP. 

Speed: The speed of your internet plan says everything

Whether you’re a gamer, home-based business owner, streamer, YouTuber, or else, it all depends on the speed of your internet plan. So choosing the ISP according to the required speed is fairly a smart decision for most people. But, remember, The higher the internet speed, the more expensive the plan. 

The speeds from ISPs also depend on the type of connection, such as DSL, fiber, and cable. Fiber types are known for the fastest speeds, while Cable and DSL types have also improved over time. However, they’re still out of the league when it comes to the maximum speeds. 

So if the fiber type is available in your area, go for the one as far as the fastest speeds are concerned. 

Reliability: How reliable your internet service provider? 

Your internet service provider needs to be reliable and responsible. Since no one likes internet service to be down while doing their important online work, reliability becomes an important factor to consider. 

According to Ian Greenblatt, the reliability and speed of an ISP are two crucial factors for human satisfaction. 

Billing: No one likes hidden charges on their bills; it should be easy to understand.

In my opinion, the bills we get every month are one of the most responsible reasons for a headache. And, it becomes more irritating and frustrating when they are really hard to understand, like credit card bills with many hidden charges. 

The same applies to the internet bills as well. So, if your ISP is providing you easy-to-understand bill, it should be awarded. Besides, the payment method should be on your radar. I always prefer Apple Pay for payments. 

Verdict: How to gauge these factors before signing? 

There is no doubt saying how one can find out many of these before subscribing to an ISP. For that, you have options to find trustworthy websites giving an unbiased review, rating, and feedback on the company. Moreover, you may ask the existing users, more likely your friends and neighbors, and their internet service providers. 

Types of Internet Services: The best ones In 2023

When it comes to the internet, we have four options: DSL, cable, fiber optic, and satellite. Among all, the DSL is the slowest type. However, the oldest one is dial-up, through which we used to access the internet in the past. Other modern connection options are wireless types, such as Wi-Fi connection and hotspot. Since there is no relation between these types and the ISP guide, it is better to discuss the first four. 

1. DSL

Yes, it still exists. Even though it is considered the slowest broadband connection, it’s more reliable and affordable. Compared to the last few years, DSL has improved a lot with high-speed internet plans. Besides, in areas without Fiber Optic availability, people end up with DSL and its limited internet speeds. Compared to satellite internet, the closest competitor, DSL plans are more cost-effective and more reliable. 

Who’s it for? 

The DSL type of internet connection is suitable for average users or individuals with medium-duty tasks, such as web surfing. If it is you, then you don’t need to waste money on higher internet plans and speeds.

2. Cable Internet

Cable internet connection is one of the common types among internet service providers. That’s because they can bundle services, such as internet and cable TV, as they use the same infrastructure. In this way, not only ISPs benefit it but also users. Therefore, choosing the bundle sometimes a smart choice for most users as they save some money. However, the only drawback of cable internet is its slow upload speeds. 

Who’s it for?

Compared to other types of internet connections, cable internet is more affordable and worth the money. That’s why it is a popular type among the rest. So cable internet is suitable for all sorts of users, whether for businesses or homes.  

3. Fiber Internet

The Fiber Optic internet connection should be your target for the fastest speeds available. One of the top advantages of fiber internet is its faster upload speeds than cable internet. Contrary to the cable type, you’ll get extremely fast download and upload speeds, perfect for sending large files, streaming, gaming, and other tasks simultaneously. However, fiber internet might be an expensive option for most people. Another drawback is its availability for most areas in the US. 

Who’s it for? 

Compared to a wireless connection, a cable connection is more secure, reliable, and affordable. Therefore, business owners prefer it more for their businesses to a wireless connection. 

Moreover, it is suitable for heavy-duty internet tasks, such as online gaming, streaming, video conference, sharing large files, and multiple devices simultaneously. 

4. Satellite Internet

Unlike US metro areas, rural areas benefit more from satellite internet. That’s because these parts of the US don’t have more options for high-speed internet. Moreover, satellite internet covers almost all the parts of the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. As a result, areas with less access to cable internet and fiber optic can enjoy fast high-speed internet at affordable prices, depending on the plans. However, satellite internet is less secure and unstable compared to cable type. 

Who’s it for?

Going for a satellite internet connection can be a good option for households with day-to-day internet tasks. Compared to the last couple of years, the satellite has constantly been growing among households. 

FAQs: Most Commonly Asked Questions About Internet Service Providers In 2023

I want to subscribe to the cheapest internet ISP; which one Routerwar recommends?

As most expensive ISPs and their highest plans don’t go above $100, you can at least expect the cheapest plans around $10 to $20 per month. However, the cost of an internet plan mainly depends on the location and the type of connection. Still, for a budget price range, you have the top five cheapest internet service providers to choose from, including RCN, Optimum, Mediacom, Xfinity, and Cox. 

Which ISP offers the fastest internet plan? 

It’s not about the ISP but the connection type. For example, If you chose fiber optic internet, you’d get the fastest internet speeds available, depending on your area. Moreover, it offers greater speeds, especially upload speeds compared to cable and DSL internet. 

As fiber internet is not widely available in the US, people end up choosing cable and DSL internet with slower speeds. For the question, I suggest the two fastest ISPs, Xfinity Internet and Cox Internet. Both offer the fastest internet plan of up to 2,000Mbps for the same price. 

Which ISP is the best for online gaming? 

There is no doubt that heavy games require your internet connection to be as fast as your game. Since a slow internet connection may result in a quick loss, choosing the fastest internet plan remains the only option for gamers. For the matter of speeds, you can subscribe to Xfinity and Cox internet. 


It’s time to wrap up the article best internet service providers 2023. In this ISP guide, I tried to combine my ratings and other users’ from the various websites ratings in order to give you the unbiased list of Top US-based Internet Service Providers of 2023. 

Thank you very much for visiting If you any doubt about the internet, leave a comment below. I’ll answer ASAP. 

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